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Trust & Safety – Sadaqa Today

Trust & Safety

We take our responsibility as SadaqaToday’s stewards very seriously. Our job is to offer a crowdfunding platform worthy and deserving of your trust – we do this by proactively screening for potential problems, by investigating issues brought to us by our community, and by still being exceedingly clear that even with these steps not every project will go as planned. Our goal is to provide a safe and trusted platform where organizations are honest and open with our community as they collaborate to bring positives changes to communities all around.

What everyone should know

SadaqaToday does not raise any funds on behalf of any organizations. We simply provide a crowdfunding platform connecting members and backers with community serving organizations.

Organizations are responsible for their projects. When a member backs a cause or project, he or she is trusting that the organization will do what they stated. If you do not know an organization ask around or do your research and know how they operate and what the organization stands for. SadaqaToday does not evaluate a project’s claims, resolve disputes, or offer refunds. Backers decide which project is worth donating and which is not.

Some Projects may not go as planned. Despite all efforts by the organization, a project may not end up as initially planned by the organization. SadaqaToday screens all organizations and validates projects to the best of our ability but nothing is guaranteed. Keep this in mind when you support a project.

What Backer/Supporters can do

Explore the project details, listed by the organizations. The project page should contain all details regarding the process and the expectations from that project. The details page will also list contact information of the person in charge of the project. Any questions you may have, you can directly contact the organization and get more information about the project.

Know the organization’s credibility. All organizations strive for excellence and have a track record of all the great work they do. Ask around or lookup the organization to feel comfortable donating to and knowing your sadaqa will be used in the right way.

What Organizations can do

Be open and responsive. Let people know all about your organization, who you serve, how the community benefits from your services and what you want to accomplish. Do your best to answer supporters’ questions and address their concerns, quickly and thoroughly — it’s a great way to show people that your organization is reliable, available, and committed to the community.

Be honest and ethical. It’s tempting to “sell” your project with glossy pitches, big promises, and reminding the virtues of giving, but supporters and backers will trust you much more when you’re straightforward and honest. Give them a real look at your work, and be open about the risks and challenges. Don’t try to game the system or make your project look more popular than it is.

Only work with trusted partners. If you’re working and collaborating with a group of people, such as contractors, planners, and/or other organizations, make sure they’re trusted and reputable. The scope/plan of the project should be clear. The more the supporting the details which can be provided is highly encouraged to gain the confidence of potential supporters and SadaqaToday’s community.

What we do

We listen. We didn’t just build SadaqaToday — we’ve been lovingly tending to it since we launched. Our Integrity team is always watching over the platform and reviewing reports from the community. Our community helps us make sure this is the safest, most effective platform around for community building.

We monitor the system. Our Integrity team uses complex algorithms and automated tools to monitor, identify and investigate suspicious activity on projects. We take action. Sometimes that just means asking someone to fix a problem. But when we find users or projects that abuse the system, we don’t hesitate to suspend or totally remove them.