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Take a tour – Sadaqa Today


your reporting and financial system
SadaqaToday harnesses the power of advanced data collecting software for organizations, to help them make smarter workforce and financial decisions.

What we can do

A fresh approach to financial reporting and management. See how SadaqaToday helps organizations make faster, better strategic decisions that have more predictable outcomes.
Financial Management
SadaqaToday goes beyond the basics of crowdfund and focuses on speed, agility, cost, and insights. This allows us to provide a full range of finance and accounting capabilities, along with real-time business insights.
Gain access to various types of reports. Export data from your weekly or monthly contributions. Get valuable insights on project funding and on all contributors. Make better decisions on everything from budgeting and community growth.
Designed to adapt as organizations evolves, SadaqaToday helps organize projects, allocate funds to specific departments, and develop your organization to better serve the community and the ummah at large.

App Features

providing better solutions
SadaqaToday helps both, individual community members and organizations at large to better serve the community collectively

Save Time

Quickly browse through all the latest projects going on in your local community. SadaqaToday offers a convenient way to for you to contribute and back the next big community fundraiser without taking time out from your busy schedule.


All about your community right at your figure tips. SadaqaToday makes it simple and easy to browse organizations around you, stay up-to-date with their latest projects and/or campaigns. Also keep track of your sadaqa with activity reports.


SadaqaToday carries high standards of promoting transparency. SadaqaToday will audit and verify every organization, project, and goal for its validity. Be confident knowing your contributions will better serve and grow a strong community.

Benefit your community

Invite your local mosques, Islamic schools, or community based organizations to benefit from SadaqaToday

Invite your Organizations

Invite your local Mosque, Islamic Schools, or any community based organization to signup with SadaqaToday.