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Our Rules – Sadaqa Today

Our Rules

We welcome and support all types and kinds of community based organizations. For each organization we have specific categories, Community, Education and Mosque to which they can fall under based on the services the organization provides to its community. To upload and start a project, there are 3 rules every organization must follow.

Projects must create something to benefit the community.

Every project should present a clear plan on how it can be completed and a list of benefits that it will provide to the community or the Muslims around the world. Every fundraising project should start with the intent to complete the project. At some point, the organization should be able to say: “It’s finished. Here’s what we created or accomplished. Alhumdu’lillah!”

Projects must be honest and clearly presented.

Our community is built on trust and communication. Projects can’t mislead people or misrepresent facts, and organizations should be candid about what they plan to accomplish. When a project is big and involves multiple crowdfunding campaigns, divide the project into phases, and set goals to complete each phase till the project is completed.

Projects must be to benefit an organization, that in turn benefits the community members. Not for personal benefits.

Projects can’t promise to donate funds raised for a certain individual and they can’t offer financial incentives like equity or repayment. We support helping the needy, but funds must go to a needy fund and then distributed from thereon. These rules don’t cover every possible use of SadaqaToday, but they closely express our purpose and perspective.