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Sadaqa Today – Crowdfunding & Outreach Platform
SadaqaToday is the ummah's best charitable Crowdfunding platform. SadaqaToday is a global crowdfunding platform which helps the Muslim Ummah give Sadaqa to their organizations in their communities, or across the world.!

App Overview

Simple & Intuitive
SadaqaToday is established to provide as a network to circulate the spirit of giving simple amounts with ease that can join a pool of thousands; to see your Sadaqa making a difference in your own communities. This is a platform to help make an impact with our giving, help communities grow, and to challenge ourselves to think bigger and achieve higher Insha’Allah!

Giving Sadaqa cannot be simpler

Within minutes you can start backing/funding your community’s latest projects. These projects are being done by your local mosques, Islamic schools and other organizations helping our brothers and sisters in need.

Simply Put

this is a platform to help make an impact with your giving, to help organizations and communities grow along with challenging ourselves to think bigger.

How it works - Cant get more simpler than this!

Step by Step walk-through . See how easy it is to support and make a difference in the community!
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  • Open the SadaqaToday app and Login.
    Open the SadaqaToday app and Login. We make it easy for you to login with your Google account or Facebook account.
  • Search for organizations based on the type and services they offer to the community.
    From this screen you are able to quickly navigate to an organization based on the services they provide. The four tabs are Discover, Community, Education and Mosques.
  • Select the organization to get more details and information about the organization.
    Based on the tab you selected from the home screen, (Discover, Community, Education and Mosques) a list of organization within the selected category will be displayed based on your location. Here you can select an organization and fine all details and be able to give Sadaqa to it or favorite the organization for later reference.
  • Organizations detail page will show organization's address, primary contact information and also the organizations monthly expenses.
    All organizations listed on SadaqaToday go through a screening and varification process. So you will know that all the information provided about the organization will be up-to date and verified. If your organization is not listed on the app, you can also invite them directly from the app to be listed on the app.
  • Give Sadaqa to organization and support the good they are providing to the Muslim community.
    Giving sadaqa is now similar than ever. You can choose to donate one time, any amount, or reoccurring payments. Track all your donations, and easily give and support to Mosques, Islamic schools, Community Canters, and on-going fundraising projects.

Why Sadaqa Today?

benefits both the Organizations and Its Members
SadaqaToday works the way people work—collaboratively, on the go, and in real-time. Explore the features below to learn how we can change the way you donate and raise funds!

Financial Management


Stay Informed


Live Project Updates

Anywhere & Everywhere

Discover Projects

Find on-going fundraisers near you
This category lists all the on-going live projects that are happening around you. All your local and global organizations will list the details of their projects or causes which they are seeking your contributions for.

Sadaqa for Community

Organizations providing community services
Organizations that are geared towards community services such as: Food banks, Youth Centers, Funeral/Burial services, Women’s center and any others communal services will be listed in this “Community” category. View all these types of organizations in one place!

Sadaqa for Education

Organizations educating the community
All organizations which provide Islamic academics and educational teachings can be found under this category. Knowledge is power and education is the key for unlocking that power.

Sadaqa for Mosques

Islamic Center - Masajid
Mosques are always in need of repairs, improvements, and expansions. This category will list all local mosques around you. Easily find and support your local mosques under this category. If your local mosque is not listed you can invite them to be listed on SadaqaToday and help your mosque grow and thrive.

App Preview

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