Better Outreach

Reach out to masses with ease. Not just with the members affiliated to your organization but to the entire Muslims that reside in your city.

Management Dashboard

Gain access to various types of reports. Export data from your weekly or monthly contributions.Get valuable insights on project funding and on all contributors. Make better decisions on everything from budgeting and community growth.

Bridging the Gap

Create confidence and trust by communicating with ease. Let your community know all the updates on your latest projects or community evolvements.

Why Sadaqa Today?

Save Money

Sadaqa Today offers a convenient way to raise funds through the Discover tab on our App. Now you don't need spend your valuable funds on expensive venues when planning your next fundraising event. We will put your organization's projects in front of your community with a simple click.

Save Time

Take back the wasted hours that go in to planning a fundraiser and the months after to call donors to honortheir pledges. Sadaqa Today provides an easy "Pick your payment option" that guarantees complete payments from contributors.

Gain Insights

Make better financial decisions with valuable data you gather from all your community member when they contribute.

Save Time

Quickly browse through all the latest projects going on in your local community. SadaqaToday offers a convenient way to for you to contribute and back the next big community fundraiser without taking time out from your busy schedule.


All about your community right at your figure tips. SadaqaToday makes it simple and easy to browse organizations around you, stay up-to-date with their latest projects and/or campaigns. Also keep track of your sadaqa with activity reports.


SadaqaToday carries high standards of promoting transparency. SadaqaToday will audit and verify every organization, project, and goal for its validity. Be confident knowing your contributions will better serve and grow a strong community.

Sadaqa Today categorizes your organization to easily be found by your community members