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About Us

We believe Muslims are amazing people; united we can not only assure a better world, but also build a better Aakihrah (hereafter). The Prophet's teachings and care for humanity inspires us to make a difference. Make what we do count.

SadaqaToday is a global community crowd funding platform that helps Muslims give Sadaqa to organizations in their communities, or across the world. SadaqaToday was started as a Sadaqa network to circulate the spirit of giving in simple amounts with ease that can join a pool of thousands to make our simple Sadaqa efforts game changing. Simply put, this is a platform to help make an impact with our giving, to help organizations and communities grow along with challenging ourselves to think bigger.

We invite you to be part of our global community to give Sadaqa, both by contributing and by signing up your organizations, and causes to spread good. Together uniting our causes and our purpose around the gift of giving we can change the condition of our communities, of our countries and the world - oneSadaqa at a time


Our Mission

We created SadaqaToday to help facilitate the act of giving, by providing a platform to help Muslims around the world build communities; change lives, and become ambassadors of good. With our community building crowdfunding app, individuals and communities can contribute effortlessly and securely to organizations, causes, projects they see best deserving.

We hope to rekindle a lost sense of inspiration that comes from knowing how much we can do together. SadaqaToday unites communities around the powerful financial and spiritual Sunnah of giving. Our mission is simple but powerful: with the blessings of this incredibly potent Sunnah, we want to help you change the world. One Sadaqa at a time.

Our Community

SadaqaToday is a growing community of Muslims that are inspired by our religion's emphasis on giving. You’ll find community projects that serve communities, families, and individuals. We bring structure, convenience and transparency to our local organizations and institutes and its members. We also join hands with global causes that help people in need with education, jobs, food and shelter. We are all united as brothers and sister willing to help one another to make the world better as Muslims.