Welcome to Sadaqa

SadaqaToday is a global crowdfunding platform which helps the Muslim Ummah give Sadaqa to their organizations in their communities, or across the world.

SadaqaToday is established to provide as a network to circulate the spirit of giving simple amounts with ease that can join a pool of thousands; to see your Sadaqa making a difference in your own communities. This is a platform to help make an impact with our giving, help communities grow, and to challenge ourselves to think bigger and achieve higher Insha'Allah!

How It Works

Giving Sadaqa cannot be simpler. Within minutes you can start backing/funding your community's latest projects. These projects are being done by your local mosques, Islamic schools and other organizations helping our brothers and sisters in need. Heres how:

Sign Up!

Download the app from the Apple store or the Google Play store and register from the SadaqaToday app.

Or you can click here and register online as well. It take less than a minute. Just fill in your basic information and you are ready to contribute your sadaqa to your local organizations and institutes that are serving your community.


SadaqaToday is designed to connect you with various communities and their projects. All organizations, mosques, schools, youth centers, and community services, (i.e funerals, food banks, shelter, muslims in need) are categorically listed based on the services/needs they provide to the community. Easily navigate and find the organization you want to contribute under the 4 categories, Discover, Community, Education, and Mosque.

Support a cause with your Sadaqa

Once you have selected a project/cause to back/fund, or an organization to support, click the button “GiveSadaqa”. We make it easy for you to contribute and back a cause or an organization by choosing a one-time or recurring payments. Save your payment method for quick easy donations. You can also favorite an organization or cause to check the latest updates, or to continue your support in the future.

Get Ajir, spread the word!

Today, our global ummah has never been more within reach of each other more than we are now. Thanks to social media and our ever advancing technologies that make our efforts seem almost effortless. So, pass us on using all available mediums such as Text message, Email, Twitter, Whatsapp, and Facebook to help make our communities' grow and achieve higher goals! So, donate! Whether locally or abroad, improve our ummah today for a better tomorrow!


Explore and Support Different Projects in Your Community.

Discover Projects

This category lists all the on-going live projects that are happening around you. All your local and global organizations will list the details of their projects or causes which they are seeking your contributions for.

Sadaqa for Education

All organizations which provide islamic academics and educational teachings can be founded within this category. Knowledge is power and education is key for unlocking that power.

Sadaqa for Community Projects

Organizations that provide services to the community such as: Food banks, Youth Centers, Funeral/Burial services, Women's center and any others communal services will be listed in this “Community” category.

Sadaqa for Local Mosques

Mosques are always in need of repairs, improvements, and expansions. This category will list all local mosques around you. Easily find and support your local mosque.